Simulation Models of 5 African Economies: Wider


For the last two years. we've been involved in a wide ranging project organised by the United Nations to help build microsimulation capacity in Africa. Models were built by teams from the countries themselves; Virtual Worlds role in this was to supply training and Web- enable the finished models. Work starts on a new tranche of African models in February 2008.

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Thumbnail 1_intro_page_english.png Thumbnail 2_intro_page_french.png Thumbnail 3_south_africa_intro.png Thumbnail 4_south_africa_tax_input.png Thumbnail 5_south_africa_running.png
Intro Page in English Intro Page in French South African Model (SAMs)- Intro Page SAMs - changing taxes SAMs - running the model
Thumbnail 6_south_africa_output.png Thumbnail 7_south_africa_output_w_popup.png Thumbnail 8_cameroon_input.png Thumbnail a_cameroon_intro_french.png Thumbnail b_nigeria_intro_english.png
SAMs - main output page SAMs - graph popup Cameroon Model - changing VAT Cameroon Model - intro page in French Nigerian model - intro page
Thumbnail c_nigeria_input.png Thumbnail d_nigeria_out.png Thumbnail e_uganda_intro_english.png Thumbnail f_uganda_input.png Thumbnail g_uganda_out.png
Nigerian model - changing VAT Nigerian model - main output Ugandan model - intro page Ugandan model - changing taxes Ugandan model - main output
Thumbnail h_uganda_gain_lose.png Thumbnail i_uganda_ginis.png
Ugandan model - who gains and loses? Ugandan model - inequality output