Maze Green Yachts Business Simulation


In the Maze Green Yachts simulation, you become Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Maze Green Yachts. The shareholders are looking to you to run the company as profitably as possible during your three year term. Maze Green Yachts are a major international yacht manufacturer. They produce a range of five different sailing yachts and two different power boats. They have grown rapidly from a humble start, but have recently been facing increasing international competition. Economies of scale and new production techniques have meant that unit production costs have been falling. Your job is to compete with them as effectively as possible.

To run the company you will need to make quarterly decisions on:

  • Finance How much are you going invest?
  • Marketing How are you going to promote your products and how much will you spend?
  • Operations How much will you produce and what raw materials will you need?
  • Human resource management How many people will you employ and how much will you pay them?

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