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Welcome To The Virtual Chancellor Simulation

Welcome to Virtual Worlds Chancellor Simulation. This is an online simulation of the British Economy, putting you in the shoes of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. You can change Government Spending, Income Tax, Spending Taxes and National Insurance, and see how that affects families and the National economy as a whole.

To have a go, click on the "Change Parameters" or "Quick Run" options on the menu above, make some changes to the tax system, press "Submit" to run the models. You can see a summary the results in the box to the right, and detailed results under "View Results" on the Menu Above.

Please note: this is a work in progress, developed in our free time, and as such it still has a few rough edges and some missing features. It is brought to you by the original authors of Virtual Economy in the hope that it will prove useful and interesting, especially perhaps for the school and University students who formerly used Virtual Economy. We'll be adding more features and information in the coming weeks. If you have any queries, suggestions or comments, please contact us.

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